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‘ Amata Science City ’…

Corporation Public Company Limited has joined hand with Science and Technology Ministry and signed memorandum of understanding with 8 universities to establish the Thailand ’s first called ‘ Science City ’.

The move is to help country’s industrial sectors to add value on their products and services; to reduce cost of research and development investment; and to increase competitive advantages.

‘Amata Science City’ is formed under public-private-partnership (PPP) that the Science and Technology Ministry and the universities will together provide research and development works and human resources, meanwhile Amata Corp will provide the land and facilities for settle down the science city.

‘ Amata Science City ’ will be set up in Amata’s land of 625 rais in Chonburi province under the construction cost of a few Bt100 million which invested by Amata.

Somhatai Panicjewa, chief business officer at Amata Corporation said that at the first stage after signing MoU with the universities, the company will hire the consultancy (under the budgets between Bt5 million and Bt10 million) to do the feasibility study in order to study which industry clusters should be the first area in ‘Amata Science City’. The feasibility study will take time for 4 to 6 month.

It is expected that the construction period will be started by the end of this year and the first operation of science city is expected to be up and run within 2011.

At ‘ Amata Science City ’, there are a lot of facilities available including research and development center; education center; laboratory testing center; and joint research center.

“It will be the city where scientists and industrial people will live. We provide not only facility in doing research and development as well as production but also provide total facilities for being live such as entertainment and living building,” said Somhatai.

She added that the ‘ Amata Science City ’ will be located next to Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate areas in Chonburi Province , which comprised of 700 multinational companies from 30 nationalities. All of them are in main industries such as auto mobile, chemical, steel, and consumer electronics.

Therefore, the ‘ Amata Science City ’ will recruit customers from both its existing customers in Amata Industrial and new companies who are interested in investment in research and development in Thailand . Amata Industrial

“The move is also to build Thailand to be the hub of research and development in ASEAN as well,” said Somhatai.

Kalaya Sophonpanich, Science and Technology Minister said that the ministry will provide supports to ‘ Amata Science City ’ with the objective to shift Thailand from manufacturing based towards the potential for research and development, which would enable the country to assume a center role in AASEAN.

“The strength in R&D will increase Thailand’s competitiveness in particularly in science and technology and create more value to its products, and to attract a high caliber of Thai abroad back to the country to transfer knowledge to the next generation and consequently yield researchers with higher potential,” said the minister.

The 8 universities joined in the collaboration included Chulalongkorn University , Kasetsat University , Srinakharinwirot University , Burapa University , King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok , King Mongkut’s University of Technology thonburi, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Ladkrabang , and Asian Institute of Technology.

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