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LG focuses more on digital marketing next year

aims to focus more on next year with the 25 per cent increase in its above-the-line marketing budget that raised from Bt56 million to Bt70 million.

Thunyachate Ekvetchavit, marketing director, head of Corporate Marketing at LG Electronics (Thailand) said that LG plans to increase budget for its digital marketing from Bt50 millions to Bt70 millions.

Due to the rapid increase of internet users across the devices and platforms and the rapid growth of mobile devices both of smart phone and tablets that raise the wide and huge of online consumers in Thailand. Also, behavior of consumers currently has been changed to be online and social network.

LG Electronics has started its digital marketing since last year and concentrate more this year. The company has rolled out 10 marketing campaigns throughout this year with the use of Bt56 million of digital marketing budget.

“This year, we are very success in using digital marketing to drive our marketing campaigns throughout the year. Our brand awareness is increased by 5 to 10 per cent. We will continue on this way and will increase budgets'” said Thunyachate.

He said digital marketing is playing more important and going to the mass. By 2012, LG Electronics Thailand wants to become the top brand – to be number one consumer electronic company in Thailand- in brand preference, and also wants to be at least top 3 in all across its business units included home entertainment; home appliance; air conditioner; mobile phone; and business solution.

“Our main digital marketing is “integrated” marketing strategy blended between offline and online campaign, depending on what kinds of campaigns and what target groups of them,” said Thunyachate.

He added that in the year 2012, the company plans to increase its digital marketing budget to 15 per cent of the company’s above-the-line marketing budget, increased from 10 per cent in next year and 8 per cent of this year.

“We see it is in the transition period of marketing therefore we need to integrate the online and offline marketing and to balance the mass and the niche target group of marketing campaigns carefully,” said Thunyachate.

However, this year, LG’ s strategy is recognized with the industry accolades both globally and in Thailand including a Silver PR Lion award at Cannes for the ‘Lollipop Love Story’ campaign; a Silver award in the Campaign Technology & Telecom category at the Digital Marketing Awards (DMA); and 7 accolades at Thailand’s Adman awards.

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